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All Systems Operational

Latest Incidents

Resolved Unavailable service monitors

We are experiencing what seems to be an outage on one of our providers for web service checks. False web check alerts may trigger.

Resolved Unavailable service monitors

At around 06:36 UTC we received notice that multiple monitoring locations were triggering alerts on working website content. This appears to be an issue with those locations themselves and not the monitored services.

Resolved Intermediate certificate issue

We're investigating what seems to be an expired intermediate certificate in our * SSL. This prevents device postbacks.

Resolved Ticketing System User Interface Service Interruption

We have identified an issue with our ticketing system and the ticketing UI is currently unavailable for customers. Our chat and email support is still available and our agents are continuing normal activities during this time. Please contact us over chat or email [email protected] for assistance with any support issues while we work to resolve the issue with the UI.

Resolved Slow graphs update

Starting at 11:29 UTC some device graphs started to show delays in updating. This was caused by a stall in one of our metrics processing backend. We have now resolved that issue and the backlog of metrics has been consumed. Some devices may show a gap in graphs between 11:29 and 11:47 UTC.

Resolved Drop in incoming payloads - disabled nodata alerts

At 22:39 we saw a drop of approximately 12% in incoming device payloads. To prevent false device nodata alerts we have disabled the sending of nodata alerts. We will be investigating what is causing this drop in incoming payloads and while the cause is not determined keep that protection in place. Users will be able to visualize open nodata alerts in the UI. The next update will be at 07:00 UTC.

Resolved Email provider maintenance and failover

We are observing our email provider maintenance: The switch to our backup email provider happened at 06:00 UTC. However, between 06:02 UTC and 06:52 UTC a previously untested code path of this configuration prevented some emails from behind delivered. At this time we are observing email correctly being delivered and will keep this incident open until Mandrill declares the maintenance over and we can restore our sending through them.

11 months ago Official incident report

Resolved Metrics display unavailable

We are experiencing an incident with our infrastructure provider that is preventing graphs from being displayed and new data points from being stored. Alerting is unaffected at this time.

about 1 year ago Official incident report

Resolved Delay in payload processing

We're currently investigating delay in payload processing. This impacts alerting and metrics display on the UI.

over 1 year ago Official incident report

Resolved Los Angeles: Service checks not running

We have identified a routing issue after our Los Angeles location provider maintenance this morning. This is currently being worked on together with them and until solved, service checks from this location are not running.

over 1 year ago Official incident report


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2 incidents in the last 30 days

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