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Zapier Status
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All Systems Operational

Latest Incidents

Resolved Delayed Zap triggering and execution

We are currently impacted by an AWS issue that is resulting in some Zap triggering/execution delays. Data continues to be received, but may be processed slower than normal. Our team is working to mitigate the impact and will continue to provide updates.

Resolved Errors when using the Formatter app

We are aware of some issues processing data using our built-in Formatter app. We're aware of the issue and we're currently investigating. We're sorry for the trouble this is causing, and we hope to find a resolution soon. We'll post updates here as we have them.

Resolved Formatter steps in "Playing" status

Zap workflows with Formatter steps may currently show a "Playing" status. New data continues to be received, but the Formatter steps are processing this data slower that normal, delaying how fast workflows are running. Formatter steps that are currently stuck in a "Playing" status can be expected to return to normal without requiring any changes.

Resolved pages are not loading as expected!

We're currently investigating why pages are not loading as expected. Currently, this incident is impacting the ability to log-in, access Zaps, and Billing details.

Resolved Slow loading throughout Zapier

Many pages are loading slowly. You might see errors like "our computers took too long". Data continues to be received from other apps, but is being processed slower than normal. Task history logs might show a "Playing" status for several minutes before workflows continue.

Resolved Issue with logging in

We're currently investigating an issue where some users are not able to log into the Zapier website. No Zaps should be affected by this.

about 2 months ago Official incident report

Resolved Zaps not appearing in folders, Zaps unable to load

This error is rendering a "No Zaps in this folder." message rather than the expected list of Zaps. It's also showing a "We couldn't load this Zap." message when attempting to open a Zap in Zap editor. We are investigating the issue and attempting to identify a solution.

Resolved Intermittent loading issues on some Zapier pages/services

Our team is currently aware that some Zapier services are intermittently failing to load for some users. We are actively investigating this issue and will provide updates here as they are available. Currently, it appears that the following services are impacted: - login page - Zap Editor and Task History pages - Uploads from the Zappy screen capturing tool There is no known impact to the operation of Zaps at this time, and all tasks should continue to be processed as normal.

Resolved Thinkific API Keys were reset

As of 7 AM on 29 August 2020 Pacific Daylight Time, Thinkific users have had their authentications (API keys) reset and their Zaps may have been turned off. To resolve this, users will need to reauthenticate Thinkific and turn their Zaps back on. You can find details for reconnecting Thinkific here:

Resolved pages are intermittently returning a 500 errors and Zaps may be delayed

We are currently investigating an issue where some pages of are intermittently failing to load. This is also impacting the Zap Editor, and Zaps might be delayed.


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